The Alphabet Game: Winter

Even though we’ve played several rounds of the alphabet game together already, I like to review the rules for newcomers. To play first pick your theme. In this case it’s winter. Next, brainstorm as many theme-specific words for each letter of the alphabet as you can. Lastly, arrange the words into funny sentences. Did I miss any winter alphabet words? If so, let me know by putting them in the comments!

A: An Antarctic avalanche annoys Ann’s anorak.

B: Brrr…bitter below zero weather begs boots and a bonfire.

C: Canada can claim it’s cold and chilly.

D: Diane drove the dogsled down a drafty drift devoid of downfall.

E: Elmo the Eskimo eyes evergreen earmuffs.

F: Frank feels freezing frost. F*ck…. it’s frostbite.

G: Gayle gave Gilbert gloves and galoshes for the gale.

H: Herman’s hat hides him from hail and huskies hankering for hot chocolate.

I: Iggy ice skates on igloos with icicles.

J: Jack frost just takes a jacket in January.

K: Kindly collect some kindling Ken.

L: Lake effect snow makes Larry lace up long johns and do luge.

M: Mary’s mittens and muffler melt the mess.

N: Nancy’s nose is numb from the negative north wind nor’easter.

O: Ontario owns over one million overcoats.

P: Polar bears and penguins party in parkas at the pole.

Q: Quiet queens keep warm under a quilt.

R: Reindeer’s radiators ride on the runner.

S: Sledding seals sling snowballs at the slushy snowman skiing in a scarf and slippers.

T: Tucker takes his and toboggan and turtleneck till the thermometer thaws.

U: Unicorns are unbearable when under the weather.

V: Valerie is very cold.

W: Will waits in the whistling winter wind.

X: Xtreme!

Y: Yani yawns like a yodeler yeti.

Z: Zero degrees? Zip your zipper!

Hope you had perhaps a laugh or maybe even some stimulation of your ‘little grey cells’ so they don’t freeze up in this weather! Don’t forget to leave any fun sentences or words I missed in the comments…. especially if you come up with anything better for ‘X’!




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