The Alphabet Game: New Year’s

Here’s the latest holiday alphabet game. If you don’t know how to play here’s a re-cap of the rules: pick your theme, come up with as many words specific to that theme that start with each letter of the alphabet, arrange them into funny sentences. Here’s our Family’s New Year’s alphabet game. If we missed any words, please put them in the comments below. Enjoy!

A: Always the adults audition with Auld lang syne.

B: Bob brings the balloons and bubbly for the ball drop, baby!

C: Carrie’s countdown contains cheers, cocktails, confetti, and champagne. Celebrate as we clink the clock!

D: Debbie’s December is about drinking and dancing!

E: Ed’s evening entertainment is elegant!

F: Father Time finds fabulous food, friends, festivities, and fireworks!

G: Gail is gathering for the gown games.

H: Have a Happy New Year holiday Hank! Here’s horns, hats, hours d’vours, and an hourglass.

I: It’s Ingrid’s invitation! In with the new!

J: Justin loves jigging to his January jams!

K: Kindly kiss some kin!

L: Leroy wants the laughter to last.

M: Mary makes music at midnight.

N: Narly Noel! New Year’s noisemakers!

O: Olliver opens a bottle to observe ‘out with the old’.

P: Perhaps Paul’s purple party poppers are peculiar.

Q: Quietly que to watch the quick ball drop.

R: Randy is rocking and rolling his resolutions.

S: Serge sold singing sparklers for the stroke of midnight.

T: Tom’s tuxedo toasts Times Square at twelve o’clock.

U: Unis’s past year is utterly unresolved.

V: Victor vows victory in the coming year.

W: Why wander in the winter wind to blow a whistle?

X: X-mas is over.

Y: You yawn at another year.

Z: Three, two, one, zero….zzzzzzzzz!

Hope you enjoyed the New Year’s alphabet game. Don’t forget to add your own in the comments!




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