The Alphabet Game: Christmas

I came up with the Alphabet game during Covid quarantine as a way to entertain my kids and sneak in some education at the same time. Here’s how you play: establish your theme, brain storm as many Holiday specific words for each letter of the alphabet as you can, then arrange them into fun and crazy sentences. If you want to take it to the next level you can illustrate your sentences for extra fun and goofiness. So, without further adieu, here’s our family’s Christmas alphabet game.

A: An awkward angel actually admires advent.

B: Blitzen buys bells and boots for the blizzard.

C: Crazy Christmas candy cane candles crave cookies as they carol and create cards.

D: Donner delights in dashing and decking with decorations during December.

E: Elves eat eggnog and even evergreens on the ‘Eve’.

F: Frankincense and fireplaces fascinate father Christmas.

G: Grinch gained goodwill gathering gifts, garland, and gingerbread.

H: Holidays are happier with holly, hats, and hot chocolate.

I: Icy igloos ignore their icicles.

J: Justin joins the jolly jangling jingle bells.

K: Kris Kringle’s kin kindly share kindling with kings.

L: Lauren loves lights as she logs her list.

M: Mrs. Claus makes mittens out of myrrh and mistletoe. Merry Christmas!

N: Naughty and nice nutcrackers in the North pole sing Noel.

O: Only ornaments!

P: Pleasant presents are poinsettias, popcorn strings, and pinecones.

Q: Quickly and quietly que to snuggle the quilt.

R: Rudolph rocks the reindeer!

S: Santa surprises sleeping snowmen with stockings in his sleigh.

T: Tommy used tinsel to decorate his toboggan and toy tree.

U: Under the tree Uriel unwraps a unicorn!

V: Valerie goes on vacation for a visit to Vancouver.

W: Wally the Walrus wreath’s a winter wonderland.

X: X-mas is exhilarating! (Yeah, that one was a stretch!)

Y: Yep, that’s a Yule Log!

Z: Catch some zzzz’s as you wait for Santa!

Did I miss any Christmas themed alphabet words? If so, post them in the comments! Do you celebrate a different holiday this time of year? I’d LOVE to see your family’s holiday alphabet game- put it in the comments so I can share them with my family! Have fun!




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