The Alphabet Game: Thanksgiving

I came up with the Alphabet game during Covid quarantine as a way to entertain my kids and sneak in some education at the same time. Here’s how you play: establish your theme (I felt Thanksgiving would be appropriate today since it’s coming up next week), brain storm as many holiday specific words for each letter of the alphabet as you can, then arrange them into fun and crazy sentences. If you want to take it to the next level you can illustrate your sentences for extra fun and goofiness. So, without further adieu, here’s our family’s Thanksgiving alphabet game.

A: At Autumn we ate acorns and apples amongst appreciative Americans.

B: Beverly baked some buns to baste on her boat.

C: Cathy’s Cornacopia cleverly celebrates congealed canned cranberry sauce.

D: Dan dined on a dainty drumstick so he wouldn’t be denied his dessert.

E: Edward enjoys entertaining with endless eating.

F: Frank’s fabulous feast features friends, family, football, and food.

G: Gayle is giving giblets with her gravy and gratitude…gobble, gobble!

H: Happy Thanksgiving- the hopeful holiday with harvests and huge hats.

I: Indigenous Indians are to thank, I intone.

J: Just jellied cranberries here.

K: is for King of England; a stretch, that I know, but kind of the catalyst for all that was to follow.

L: ‘Land ho! Leftovers!’

M: Many moons spent on the Mayflower mourning a good meal.

N; The New World in November! Nab a napkin!

O: Only the oven.

P: Plenty for ‘P’! The Pilgrims paraded Plymouth’s perfect pumpkin pies.

Q: The Pilgrims quickly and quietly set off on their quest.

R: Rebecca recommended a recipe for rolls and the roast.

S: Squanto and the settlers stuffed all the squash.

T: Tom tipped his top hat thankful for the turkey in his teepee.

U: Usually unicorns uncork the wine.

V: Val went on a voyage for the vegetables.

W: Wendy stored the wishbone in the wonderful wigwam.

X: (Sorry guys, I had nothing else) X-mas….the holiday that comes next!

Y: Yellow yaks…eating yams?

Z: After dinner, loosen your zipper and grab some ZZZZZZ’s.

Can you think of any Thanksgiving or Fall alphabet words I missed? If so, put them in the comments! Got an alphabet sentence that’s more fun or zany- include that in the comments as well!

Happy Thanksgiving!




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